GENERAL INFORMATION Office hours are 7am-11pm. Pets are allowed as long as they are leashed and picked up after.   The speed limit throughout the entire park is 5 MPH.  Please slow down as there are children, golf carts and pets at play.   Out of State firewood is prohibited.  It’s the LAW.   Balloon Lanterns are illegal and dangerous.  Please do not release them in the park.   Per town ordinance, no tents are allowed.   Quiet hours are strictly enforced from 11pm-7am.  This includes ALL generators.   No gray water shall be disposed of on ground or in campfires.   Please keep your site clean.  All trash must be put in dumpsters that are conveniently located throughout the park. SSP does not take checks once you arrive at the park.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have water hook-ups?   
SSP provides water fill up stations along the entire tree line as well as a fill up station located at the Main Lot Showers.  This is where the free Dump Station is located as well. 

When can we arrive at the campground?  
SSP opens at 8am the Saturday before the NASCAR race weekend. Once you arrive and check in at the office you are welcome to set up your site and come and go as you please.   We stay open until the Monday following the race.  

Can we have more then 1 vehicle?  
Yes, the cost for an extra car pass is $75 and it must fit on your site.  The site holder must register the extra car at the office prior to its arrival.   Once the car has a sticker on it, it may come and go.  

We have a group of friends that would like to all camp together, but are arriving on different days.  Is this possible? 
It is!!!   We welcome groups of campers and try our best to accommodate all of their wishes.   You are allowed to drive in, back in and make